Registration Information

  • To sign up for the fun run, simply click here!
  • The modes of payment accepted are PayPal and bank transfer
    • For PayPal, the PayPal charges will be absorbed by NTU CAC AFTH 2017
    • For bank transfer,  do email Wong Jia Wan, at, with the following information:
        • Name (used in registration)
        • NRIC/Passport No./FIN
        • Registration Number (as indicated at the end of checkout or in the email sent after checkout)
      • Following which, details on the bank transfer will be emailed to you
    • Registration is confirmed upon receiving payment
  • Do note that for recording purposes, we do not allow more than 4 participants to register in a single registration
    • For bulk registration, do contact us separately via here
  • Important:
    • Every Fun Run participant will be required to submit an Indemnity Form on race pack collection day
    • A Letter of Authorization is required for participants who are unable to collect their race pack on race pack collection day, and wish to appoint someone else to collect on their behalf

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