NTU CAC Arts From The Heart

Our Cause

What We Hope For

Our primary aim is to help the less fortunate and do our part for the society. In addition, we hope to promote the Arts through performances by our 23 CAC member clubs.

The AFTH Carnival is an annual event which NTU CAC Arts From The Heart holds to raise funds for our beneficiary. The AFTH Carnival 2019 was successfully pulled off and $17,000 was raised and donated to the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). We are also honoured to be awarded People’s Choice for the Social Impact Week 2020 exhibition.

In view of the precautionary measures taken to tackle COVID-19, the physical Carnival was cancelled. Despite the cancellation of the Carnival, we are humbled to announce that about $4k has been raised for SCS through our fundraising efforts in 2020.

Through our efforts, we seek not to only promote the arts, but also to raise funds and increase awareness for our beneficiaries. This year we are continuing our partnership with Singapore Cancer Society for the fourth consecutive year, and will be having Singapore Association for Mental Health on board with us as our second partner beneficiary.


What We Do

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of preparing for a carnival? How a carnival can be used to give back to the society? In our first ever interview, AFTH Talks, we invited some of our committee members from each portfolio to share their experiences over the past year in AFTH! If you would like to know more about what we do, do give this video a watch!



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