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AFTH 2020 Planning Committee


Who We Are

Top 5

The backbone of the committee, they coordinate all administrative details and oversee the running of every portfolio! The positions comprises of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson (Internal), Vice-Chairperson (External), Secretary and Treasurer.

Business Managers

Often known as the bees, our business managers work hard to secure the sponsorships and source for various giveaway prizes for our event!

Liaison Officers

The connecting bridge between the external parties and AFTH, the liaison team makes the amazing stage line up possible and organizes interaction sessions with beneficiaries!

Logistics and Welfare Officers

To coordinate all logistic arrangements, promote committee bonding and ensure the welfare of the members, the Logistics and Welfare team is indispensable!


Where the creativity stems from, the programmers are the people behind the eye-catching game booths made from scratch and internal publicity efforts!

Publicity and Publications Officers

The ones behind the artwork of our event publicity materials and managing our social media platforms, the Publicity and Publications team showcase their artistic talents!


Keeping things in check!

*All photos were shot in January 2020, before the implementation of safe-distancing measures.

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