Hello all! We hope everyone is coping well and keeping safe at home! While it has been a dreary period for many, we believe in keeping a positive mindset as we all do our parts in flattening the curve.

While most of us are gradually getting used to working from the comfort of our houses and telecommuting online, not everyone has the luxury of that. During this COVID-19 situation, the well-being of cancer patients in our community have been significantly impacted. For those from low-income families especially, the cancer journey can be extremely challenging during this time.

Today, we prepared this post to honour the heroes who are working relentlessly at the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), as they continue to ensure the safety and welfare of the cancer community in Singapore. The COVID-19 situation made it difficult for cancer patients to continue their day-to-day treatment and rehabilitation due to the heightened measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

While we unite to fight the COVID-19 as a nation, we continue to rally hope and support to address the needs of our beneficiaries during his trying period. The team of doctors and nurses from SCS are working relentlessly as they continue to provide essential hospice care such that needy patients can still apply for welfare support to ensure that they get timely treatment without delay. The Hospice Care team, therapists, social workers, counsellors and drivers continue to provide essential care during the circuit breaker period which includes conducting home visits, developing online therapy sessions, providing tele-counselling and daily transport service for patients to attend their treatment in hospitals.

The team at SCS is dedicated to improving quality of life and supporting patients in their cancer journey through various programmes and services. With rising cancer incidence and more cancer survivors in Singapore, it is important now more than ever for SCS to step up and leverage on technology to ‘serve more and serve better’.

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has impacted our fundraising efforts significantly for 2020. As we sit in the comfort of our homes, let us not forget the vulnerable groups in our community during these tough times. Fighting cancer is an uphill battle, and the COVID-19 situation has made this hill, steeper to climb. We appeal for your kind support to lend a helping hand. Consider donating part of your solidarity payout to help these heroes continue their work to serve those in need. No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. The battle might be arduous, but every dollar makes it easier. A small sum from us could mean a lot to the cancer patients and their caregivers. Let us join hands to make a difference and be someone’s hero today!

Arts From The Heart is accepting donations for SCS till 12 July 2020. Do click into the Donate tab to contribute, and be someone’s hero today! With your support, no one needs to fight cancer alone!

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