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NTU CAC Arts From The Heart

A Huge Thank You

To all partners of:

Jointly organised by:


Supported by:

Community Chest Singapore

As a hallmark of care and share, Community Chest Singapore engages the community through fundraising and volunteering, empowering social service users to lead a life of dignity. Click to find out more at their site!



NTU Arts Festival

NTU Arts Festival (NAF) is a special project dedicated to promoting artistic expression and fostering a culture of appreciation for different forms of fine arts. NAF made its debut in 2003 as Nanyang Arts Festival, but was rebranded to NTU Arts Festival in 2019. Besides involving the 24 Member Clubs under the arm of CAC, the annual festival has evolved to include the participation of cultural and arts groups established in NTU.



NTU Electrical and Electronic Engineering Club

Acting as the voice of EEE/IEM students, NTU EEE Club aims to create a vibrant culture for all staff and students in the big family of NTU School of EEE.




NTU Electrical and Electronic Engineering Club – EGNITE

EEE Egnite is the volunteering branch of NTU EEE Club. Their efforts include organising ad-hoc local community involvement events for the EEE cohort.


Club Farrago

Farrago is a centre under NTU Welfare Services Club Regular Service Project Deaf Community, which organises events for the Deaf Community with a main focus on Deaf Empowerment.


Oblique Street

Street photography collective from Singapore.

Proudly sponsored by:




Gaston Luga

Gaston Luga was created with a vision to carry your life in effortless style: a vision that they are continuously striving to achieve. Founded in Stockholm, Gaston Luga produces quality backpacks and accessories inspired by Scandinavian design and living.

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HNK Alpha

Founded in 2000 by former SIMEX floor trader Henky Toha, HNK Alpha is one of Singapore’s pioneer proprietary trading firms. Over the years, HNK Alpha has evolved to become one of the early adopters of electronic trading. Embracing the increased market accessibility, theirr portfolio expanded to wider geographic and asset class coverage. HNK Alpha’s strong emphasis on risk management enabled the firm to weather multiple crises and expand to cover even more products across multiple asset classes.




MuzArt Singapore

Founded on a vision and mission of excellence and dedication, Muzart Learning Centre strives to cultivate future leaders on an international art academic platform imparting professional art education. As young minds absorb knowledge like sponges, the institution assists and develops their eager natures through creative, intellectual, psychological, and aesthetic aspects, in addition to accentuating their cores with artistic principles and values.


MGP Label

3 words: Millennial Girl Power. All of MGP’s designs are crafted with perfection and an attention to detail. They aim to dress the millennial woman of today – because they understand the hustle that goes behind her everyday life. From weekday workwear to weekend kick-backs, there’s nothing you can’t find on MGP that won’t guarantee you looking your best as they set the golden standard for quality and raising the blogshop standard.

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mylin design & co.

mylin design & co. is a creative studio and handcrafted wedding essentials brand based in Singapore. Works mainly inspired by nature and minimalism philosophy, mylin design & co. speak the language of design and craft to bring delicate and meticulous details into every little thing they create. With the belief in making a difference in every day life through designing, mylin design & co. is committed to deliver beautiful and meaningful design works that can bring about positive impacts and connections to the people it serves.

Simple Things

Simple Things is a simple brand filled with life’s simple stories. It started with a struggle to understand life, followed by a passion to rewrite life’s simple stories. With the strong belief in the importance of mental health, very story told and designed through their products and page expresses the importance of emotions and feelings that should be shared. 2% of every product purchased will be donated to the World Federation For Mental Health (WFMH) and Black Mental Health Alliance through Pledging. They may be small, but they definitely have a big heart.

Singapore Pools (Private) Limited

For Community Purpose and Benefit – Singapore Pools’ tagline is a bold statement that represents them as a socially responsible company of choice. Placing the community at the heart of what they do, Singapore Pools uplift the community through reinventing giving.



Streamcast Asia (Skullcandy)

Established in 2003, Skullcandy makes the sickest headphones inspired by lifestyle, creativity and youth culture. Dedicated to audio enthusiasts who are also obsessed with individuality, authenticity and action sports, Skullcandy creates products to amplify these obsessions. We are revolutionizing the way people and athletes listen to music with groundbreaking design and high-performance headphones, earbuds, and portable wireless speakers. #STAYLOUD


The Nordicals

The Nordicals is made up of a passionate duo team seeking to provide minimalistic, simplistic yet highly functional lifestyle products. Their products cover a wide range of nordic designs, functions and materials. With diatomite as one of their main products, The Nordicals aims to provide highly functional and customized products that are not only meant for personal home usage, but also ideal for gifting.





TotallyHotStuff™ houses the frontier of product-design creativity. Creative labels across the globe come here to outdo, out-invent and out-hot each other as they clamour to be featured on our runway of bestsellers. TotallyHotStuff redefine and break the norms of gifting by featuring only the best-selling and carefully curated quirky gifts that are distinct in style and practical in function. As a lifestyle brand advocating unique and novel gift ideas, they actively design and manufacture their own innovative products for both retail customers and corporate clients.

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Graced by:

Mr Ellil Mathiyan, Double Cancer Survivor
Singapore Cancer Society

Ellil is a double cancer survivor. It has been 10 years since his diagnosis and treatment. He now dedicates his time to helping others through Patient Advocacy and social work.

He is a multiple award winner, including the Inspirational Hero Patient Award 2015 (CGH), Inspirational Patient Award 2017 (SGH) Singapore Patient Advocate Award 2018 (TTSH), Singapore Cancer Society Outstanding Volunteer Award 2018.

He is co-founder and current President of the Ostomy Association of Singapore, Co-Chair of the SingHealth Patient Advocacy Network, and has leadership roles in the Colorectal Support Groups in the Singapore General Hospital, Changi General Hospital and the Singapore Cancer Society.

He has been in the Organising Committee for Singapore Cancer Society – TalkMEd Relay For Life from 2017 to 2021, Member of the Global Relay For Life Social Media Team as well as the Regional Lead, Asia-Pacific, Global Relay For Life Heroes of Hope.


Ms Valerie Liu, Executive and Peer Support Specialist
Headquarters (CEE), Singapore Association for Mental Health

Valerie Liu is an Executive and Peer Support Specialist in the department of Communications, Education and Engagement at the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH). She outreaches actively to members in the community in various settings from schools, to hospitals to grassroots organizations via talks and engagement through booths for the past five years. In the past years, she has delivered talks to undergraduates from institutes of higher learning, members of public in public forums and corporate professionals to educate and promote SAMH services. As a person-in-recovery who is living with schizophrenia, Valerie believes strongly that recovery is possible, and shares her personal recovery story to inspire hope. She is passionate about helping her peers overcome self-stigma, move forward in lives and work towards gainful employment. In her free time, she focuses on her self-care by exercising and spending time with loved ones.

CAC Member Clubs:

Chinese Drums Club

Established in 2001, NTU Chinese Drums Club welcomes students of diverse cultural backgrounds to delve in the art of the 24 Festive Drums (节令鼓). With passionate drum beats and expressive body movements, the club aims to create impactful performances that offer a modern take on the traditional Chinese Drums style. More than 10 performances are held in and out of campus annually.


Contemp{minated} is the official contemporary dance club of NTU under CAC. Since the inauguration in 2001, the club has grown and diversified with dancers of various backgrounds seeking the liberation of dance expression. Rebranded as Contemp{minated} in 2011, we sought a new direction and developed an artistic dare through a repertoire of performances. Contemp{minated} aims at engaging and provoking her audiences through dance, movement, and expression. Nurturing individuality and celebrating creativity are two major themes that we aspire towards and hope to instil in our dancers.

Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe

Dragon and lion dances are intended to bring luck and prosperity, a sentiment that’s very important to the Chinese. These auspicious dances are widely seen during Chinese New Year celebrations, but can also be a key feature of opening ceremonies, celebrations etc, throughout the year. Join Dragon & Lion Dance to learn and immerse yourself in Chinese culture, and be exposed to an activity you would never have imagined joining outside of University. Most importantly, we have fun together!

Indian Dance

Indian Dance aims to holistically develop budding and experienced dancers from NTU student community in various Indian dance forms such as Indian Folk, Bollywood, Classical and many more. As the newest member of CAC, we offer regular dance classes as well as several performance opportunities for our members, including Chingay 2021 (Top 5), EarthLink’s EarthHour and NTU SIC’s Confluence.

Traditional Taekwon-Do Club

NTU Traditional Taekwon-Do Club was established in 1985 and is affiliated to the Singapore Taekwon-Do Academy (STA). Under the guidance of our Chief Instructor Lim Sui Soon (Black Belt 6th Dan), Instructor Adeline Wang (Black Belt 3rd Dan) and a team of black belt seniors, we are committed to promote Traditional Taekwon-Do among the NTU student community. Taekwon-Do is a martial arts originated from North Korea.


A member of Cultural Activities Club, NTU CAC Wushu was first established in 1991 as the Pugilistic and Lion Dance Troupe, becoming an independent club in 2003. The club engages in many Wushu-related activities at national, institutional as well as public levels, such as the annual Invitational Traditional Wushu Championship, championship title was held for two consecutive years. The members also regularly perform Wushu at various events, both in school and in public.

Guest Performers:

Jeremy Pei
Jeremy Pei Redefines Magic.

From the tender age of 4, Jeremy trained in the art of illusion from his magician-father. Now, an Illusionist in his own right, Jeremy presents one of the most dynamic international acts in the world. At only 14 years of age, his international accolades began to really shine, taking the magic world by storm. Jeremy became the youngest Singaporean magician to win an International Magic Competition in Perth, Western Australia. As the only 3-time winner of the title, “Magician of the Year”, awarded by The Singapore Association of Magicians, he was also crowned 1st Place at the 2005 IF Magic International Close-Up Magic Competition, as well as being awarded the prestigious JCMA Award by the Japanese Close Up Magicians Association.

Kirren and Shirlene

Shirlene and Kirren are a pair of musicians who grew up loving and learning music. They started playing together while in Junior college and have been jamming together ever since. They normally cover songs ranging from pop music to pop noise.

Leo Ching Ling

“I’m Leo Ching Ling, 20 this year and I’m an aspiring singer-songwriter. I’ve been passionate about writing Mandopop songs since I was 15 and have been honing my skills ever since. Production is also an interest that I’ve been working on and so I enjoy producing MVs and short-films whenever I’m free 😊”

Collaboration & Partnership Opportunities

For enquiries on sponsorship or collaboration opportunities for Arts From The Heart, kindly reach out to us at 

Collaboration opportunities include, but are not limited to the following: Corporate DonationsMain SponsorsPrize Sponsors, and Performers. We look forward to your support!


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