With an all new format this year, we seek not to only promote the arts, but also to raise funds and increase awareness for our beneficiaries. This year we are continuing our partnership with Singapore Cancer Society for the fourth consecutive year, and will be having Singapore Association for Mental Health on board with us as our second partner beneficiary.

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has impacted our fundraising efforts significantly for 2020 and 2021. As we sit in the comfort of our homes, let us not forget the vulnerable groups in our community during these tough times. We appeal for your kind support to lend a helping hand. Consider donating to help these heroes continue their work to serve those in distress. A small sum from us could mean a lot to our beneficiaries and their caregivers. Let us join hands to make a difference and be someone’s hero today!

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After an unprecedented year, Arts From The Heart is back with a new format to raise funds for our two partner beneficiaries – Singapore Association for Mental Health and Singapore Cancer Society. AFTH Carnival 2021: On Air! will be a largely virtual event comprising of three segments – Heart To Heart Talk (HTHT), Workshops and AFTH Live! The proceeds from these three segments will be donated fully to our partner beneficiaries! So what are you waiting for, register now!

Heart To Heart Talk, is a series of two talkshows that will kickstart the carnival. We have invited guest speakers from two of our partner beneficiaries to share about their experiences and expertise in a cosy setting. There will also be an AMA session where the speakers will answer any burning questions that you might have for them. So if you’re looking for a way to spend your weekend mornings meaningfully, register here!

Workshops, is a series of virtual and physical workshops that aims to bring vibrancy to our event. We have workshops ranging from photography to sign language. To find out what other workshops we have in stored, click here!

AFTH Live! is a livestream fundraising performance to end off the day. The performance will feature our CAC Member Clubs, along with several external performers to show their support for our partner beneficiaries! Other than being just a performance, there will be several interactive activities carried out by our hosts throughout the livestream. There will also be a lucky draw segment with attractive prizes to be won!


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