AFTH Carnival 2019 – ‘Crane For Hope’

AFTH Carnival 2019 – ‘Crane For Hope’

In the spirit of doing small things with great love, hundreds of participants, both young and old gathered at Bugis+ Mall for the Arts From The Heart (AFTH) Carnival on 1 & 2 June 2019.

As the charity arm of NTU Cultural Activities Club (CAC), AFTH has had a tradition of using the arts as a platform to raise funds and awareness for numerous beneficiaries across the years, with no exception this year. This year, however, saw a revamp of the annual event. With the cancellation of the annual Fun Run, the Carnival was brought indoors and spanned across 2 days.

The Carnival was lined up with numerous performances by our in-house clubs as well as family-friendly activities to raise funds and awareness for the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). Centred on the theme ‘Crane for Hope’, the Carnival embodied the theme both literally and figuratively. The ‘Crane For Hope’ is a new initiative that piloted in 2019 as part of AFTH’s fundraising efforts. Participants were encouraged to fold origami cranes and subsequently drop them into a 3D structure that spelt out the word ‘HOPE’. For every crane folded and deposited into the structure, $2 was donated by Young Scientists and upon completion of the HOPE structure, Winston Engineering donated a lump sum of $4k to support SCS’s cancer treatment fund and welfare aid. The ‘Crane For Hope’ initiative provided the beneficiary with something beyond just the tangible – Spreading hope one crane at a time. It was certainly moving to witness people from all walks of life doing their part for the cancer community in Singapore.

In addition, the creation of the communal piece of art was a unique and inspiring sight to behold.


Assoc Prof Victor Yeo (NTU) depositing his folded crane to officially mark the start of AFTH Carnival 2019.
Crane folded by Assoc Prof Victor Yeo (NTU)
Participants engaged at the ‘Crane For Hope’ booth, doing their part for the cancer community in Singapore.


Live performances were also put up to heat up the stage at the Carnival. This included dance items by NTU CAC Contemp{minated} and NTU CAC Lindy Hop, as well as music performances by NTU CAC Harmonix and several NTU Hall Jam Bands. Tan Ding Hao, Liaison Officer of the 2019 Planning Committee, said he met many enthusiastic and talented students in the process of liaising with performers. “I hope that we can reach out not just to our CAC members but to the entire NTU community, to share the joy of giving back to the society with not just with arts but arts from the heart.


Performance by SCS Zumba Danzfitz


SCS Zumba Danzfitz, a team made up of cancer survivors, also performed an item at the Carnival. It was an inspiring performance as it serves as a motivation for all to never give up even during the toughest times and that no hope is lost. The determination and enthusiasm of the survivors could definitely be felt as they performed full of zest with wide smiles on their faces.

Another highlight of the Carnival was the wide array of Carnival booths, whereby all proceeds from the carnival ticket sales were also donated to SCS. The ‘Arts Corner’ featured 5 craft activities for participants to unleash their creative potential. Participants could customise their own Perler beads, Dream Catcher or Sand Jars for their keepsake, or apply Henna while doing their part for the cancer patients. It was a heart-warming sight seeing children playing with the colourful yarn, feathers and sand as their innocence and creativity sparked.

With the motivation to inspire a deeper appreciation for what Singapore has gained through the decade, our Carnival games are proudly designed by Lim Ying Quan, Programmer of the 2019 Planning Committee, with a strong local flavour, showcasing timeless landmarks and icons of Singapore.

A family having a go at the ‘Plinko’ game, featuring a stunning Singapore-inspired artwork as the backdrop.
The ‘Ride On Time’ game features the iconic transport system of Singapore, past and current. Participants are to time their drop of the given Ping-Pong Ball, such that it lands on the train carriers.
Customisation of Perler beads under the parental guidance.
Happy faces with their Henna done!


The Carnival raised about $17k for SCS. It was a humbling experience to be part of the AFTH Carnival 2019 and to give back to the community. Big or small, every contribution at the event will go a long way in changing the lives of cancer patients and survivors. Beyond just seeing the smiles on the participants’ faces while enjoying the Carnival with their loved ones, it was also heart-warming to have witnessed how parents impart the virtue of giving back to the society, to their children while spending parent-child bonding time through the activities at the Carnival. Not only that, seeing the family members of the Planning Committee supporting the event and displaying a sense of pride on their faces was also a heartening scene.


Many heartfelt moments through the Carnival. The 2019 Planning Committee would like to once again express our deepest gratitude to every footstep left behind and every hand that has ever been held out to us. To everyone who have played a part in our Carnival and made a difference in our beneficiaries’ lives in a way or another, THANK YOU! Arts From The Heart Carnival 2019 – Crane For Hope would not have been possible without all of the unwavering support we have received!

Khairul Yazid, Liaison Officer of the 2019 Planning Committee


With that, AFTH 2019 has come to an end. We hope to still seek your support for our upcoming events! Meanwhile, like us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram for first hand sneaks on what we’re up to!

AFTH 2019 Planning Committee signing off!

Arts From The Heart 2019 Planning Committee


Photos taken during the Carnival can be found on our Facebook page


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