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Arts From The Heart Carnival 2022: Blast from the Past

Arts From The Heart is finally back with a physical carnival on 18-19 June 2022 at Fountain Square @ City Square Mall! You can also take part in some of our pre-carnival events which will take place over 2 weeks, starting from 28 May 2022!

More details can be found below or click here!



Bored at home and just need some videos to watch and unwind? Enjoyed our CAC Tryouts! last year? Want to see more of the other member clubs in NTU CAC? 

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the 3 questions, we have some good news for you! Arts From The Heart is proud to bring back our CAC Tryouts! YouTube Series featuring 4 NTU CAC Member Clubs! In this series titled “You Say, I Do!”, we have invited talented members from Contemp{minated}, Chinese Orchestra, Soul Funky and Concert Engineers to give the audience a glimpse of what a day in the life is like in their clubs while answering some of your burning questions! As per the title, our featured hosts will also be doing various tasks that you have asked them to do via the IG poll as well! Starting from 11/3/2022, every Friday, mark your calendars and get ready to be entertained and learn more about our member clubs in NTU! 

Disclaimer: The footage used in the videos were filmed with the relevant COVID-19 Safe Management Measures put in place. Arts From The Heart urges everyone to stay safe during this period and to follow all government guidelines closely! 

Soul Funky | CAC Tryouts Episode 4

In the blink of an eye, we have now come to the last episode of Arts From The Heart CAC Tryouts. :’) In the finale, we have our very own NTU Soul Funky Popping Captain, Soon Hing, and Locking Captain, Xing Rang bringing you through a day in their lives! Ever wondered what is the difference between popping and locking? Is it truly possible to dance in a onesie? Find out more in this video! 

Concert Engineers | CAC Tryouts Episode 3

In the third episode of CAC Tryouts, Clara from Concert Engineers will be bringing you along in her day in the life as well as answering your burning questions! Watch this video to take a sneak peek as to what really goes on behind the scenes for our own CAC member club performances to deliver the best audio quality to the audience! 

Chinese Orchestra | CAC Tryouts Episode 2

In this episode of CAC Tryouts, we have our Chinese Orchestra members, Choi May (Chairperson) and Ley Mun (PNP Manager) to help us gain a better understanding of what a typical practice session is like during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic! They will also be answering your burning questions in this video as well! Is NTU Chinese Orchestra suitable for newbies? How many training sessions are there? Can you play Chinese Orchestra drums with chopsticks? Find out more in this video! 

Contemp{minated} | CAC Tryouts Episode 1

In this episode of CAC Tryouts, our very own Contemp{minated} members, Leslie (Vice-Chairperson) and Gloria (Publicity Officer) will be bringing you through a day in their lives, showcasing what they do before and during their practices as well as answering your burning questions! If you have always been interested to find out more about Contemp{minated}, this video is the perfect one for you! 

AFTH Buddies Sticker Pack

In conjunction AFTH Carnival 2021: On Air, we introduce some of our furry friends to you on Telegram to keep you company through the event!

Available for download here.

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