AFTH Carnival 2021: On Air!

AFTH Carnival 2021: On Air!

After an unprecedented year, Arts From The Heart was back with a new format to raise funds for our two partner beneficiaries – Singapore Association for Mental Health and Singapore Cancer Society. The AFTH Carnival 2021: On Air! was held virtually over a span of 2 days through digital means, bringing three free-for-all segments accessible to the public from the comfort of their homes. Despite the cancellation of the physical Carnival, we are humbled to announce that $7.5k has been raised for our beneficiaries through our virtual fundraising efforts.


Heart To Heart Talk is a series of two talkshows whereby guest speakers from two of our partner beneficiaries share about their experiences and expertise through Youtube live. Through a ask-me-anything session, our guest speakers also answered burning questions that our viewers have sent in. 

We spent a fruitful Saturday morning with Mr Ellil Mathiyan as he kindly shared with us his journey as a double cancer survivor, and answered some questions from our viewers. 

We also had the honour of having Ms Valerie Liu over for the second part of our Heart To Heart Talk series. She kindly shared with us her journey recovering from a mental health condition and answered some questions from our viewers. We’ve learnt so much about resilience and empathy from Ms Liu’s sharing.

A series of 3 virtual workshops were also conducted through Zoom during the eventful weekend. These workshops not only bring vibrancy to our event, but also serve to spread expertise with the public and NTU students for a good cause, as well as to promote collaboration. 

First up, Powerpoint Graphic Design Workshop 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨 Jiawei and members of the Publicity and Publications team of AFTH had so much fun sharing and teaching everyone more about using Powerpoint. In this 2-hour session, participants were taught basic graphic designing skills from image formats, basic tools, shapes, typography, colours and composition. Jiawei shared with us various tips on using the software, and had some hands-on activities along with some demonstrations on using Powerpoint.

Next, we had our friends over at @rspdcfarragoians sharing with us about Singapore Sign Language (SgSL). Farrago is a centre under NTU Welfare Services Club Regular Service Project Deaf Community, which organises events for the Deaf Community with a main focus on Deaf Empowerment. Through this sharing, participants got to learn more about the history of Sign Language in Singapore and picked up some new signs. Farrago shared about the alphabets used in sign language and also orientated participants to try their hand at some commonly used signs. The session was really fun and informative and we thank members of Club Farrago for sharing with us! 

Last but definitely not the least, our friends from @obliquestreet taught us more about mobile street photography 🤩 The members from Oblique Street shared with us the fundamentals of street photography with only your mobile phones as well as some tips and tricks on mobile photography, famous photographer references and more. They also answered some of the commonly asked questions. We really enjoyed ourselves with the Oblique Street team, thank you so much for sharing with us!

To end off each day, we broadcasted AFTH Live!, which was a livestream fundraising performance through Youtube. The live show featured our CAC Member Clubs, along with several external performers to show their support for our partner beneficiaries! Other than performances, participants also had the chance to win some goodies from our lovely sponsors through a live lucky draw. Feeling fomo? Feel free to join us on this flight by catching our replay below!


On this note, we would like to thank all participants for spending your precious weekend with us on AFTH Carnival 2021: On Air! We hope everyone had a fun time with us during the short 2-day programme. Every participation means a lot to the planning committee as this is the first year that AFTH is putting together a digital e-vent. The AFTH Planning Committee appreciates your kind understanding and patience as we navigated through these times of uncertainty together.

The Arts From The Heart Planning Committee 2020/21 would like to take this chance to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all event participants, partners and sponsors for making this carnival a great success!


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